​​When I was a little girl there was this wonderful saint of a woman that became my babysitter at two weeks old. She was everything to me. She became over time more my mother than my mother. I adored her as much as a child can possibly love and more. 

One day I was asleep in her bed and when I awoke she didn't notice that I was watching her. She had this little compact in her hand and she would rub it with an Emory board and then take the compact and rub it on her face. I had never seen anything like this so I asked her what she was doing. She was very startled and embarrassed. Mortified. She was absolutely mortified. I felt guilty and didn't even know why. As she explained that the compact was what they called a"Ruby Stone". Actually I think they probably still make them . They are for the discrete treatment of facial hair. It is a pumice stone made red like a ruby. It is used as an abrasive. You rub it with the emory board to create pumice dust and take the stone and rub it on your face. If you are lucky it will break off some of the hairs at the skin level. So it was similar to shaving but more lady like. Women are so repelled at the thought of shaving because it is so masculine. She made me swear to keep her secret. I wouldn't have told that secret to anyone for love or money because I never forgot what having a few hairs on her face did to her ego.  So from that day on without realizing it I was on a quest to learn more about hair removal. Somewhere in the Catskill or Athen's area ( where I grew up) there was a house with an almost ground level little sign ( very in conspicuous ) that said one word. ELECTROLYSIS ! I wanted to know more. I was told that it was hair removal but nobody could tell me anymore. 

Females that experience excess hair growth on their faces are traumatized. They have been told all of their lives that only men grow hair on their faces. It is unfeminine. It can tear up their lives as I had learned. 
I thought that I really wanted to be a hair stylist so off I went to hair dressing school. Only to realize that when we started to learn a little bite about hair removal I was very upset that there was only one page of info about and I wanted to know more. I was so disappointed. Where would I find out? There was no Google back then. So life went on for a few more years.

Life is so strange. My husband and I came to the conclusion that we did not have to continue to live in up state NY. First we were going to try to go to Lexington, Kentucky where my brother had moved with IBM many years before that. There was nothing available job wise there for my husband. Then we hear that IBM is moving to Charlotte. I knew so little about Charlotte that I had to ask if that was NC or SC. But before we could turn around three times we were making plans to move. It was so exciting!  Something happened though that I didn't tell anybody about. I dreamt that I was working as a hair dresser in Charlotte,NC and my boss asked me if I wanted to go to a trade school. A trade school in Atlanta, Ga. to learn how to do Electrolysis . That dream got tucked away somewhere in my head and life went on. We moved and got adjusted and I went to work in a large beauty salon in South Park. It was an international salon and they were known as a full service salon. ( not that I knew what that meant) until the day that exactly as it was in my dream my manager asked me if I would be interested in going to school. I thought I was back in my dream. How can this possibly be??? But it was real and the rest is history! 

It is the best job there is for me and I love it! I now have the pleasure of making  people feel better about themselves. I have watched their personalities change to confident strong people  after getting rid of those unsightly hairs . My clients are the best people in the world and I am so blessed to have found the answer to my dreams! Knowing that I can make that much of a positive change in their lives is so rewarding. 

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Welcome, Pamela Overton!

Pamela Overton comes to us as a native New Englander who has been a practicing, licensed Electrologist, Esthetician, and Massage Therapist for 20 plus years in Huntington Beach, California.

She brings her experience in multiple modalities for all three areas of practice as well as product knowledge.  Her favorite skin care product is PCA (Physicians Choice of Arizona) a superb skin care line that includes the modified Jessner Peels and pre and post treatment kits that deliver striking results! With a passion to help people, she has developed her unique techniques in bodywork, skin care, and hair removal with the utmost in equipment, education, client service, comfort, and pampering!